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Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket - Short Land Pattern

Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket - Short Land Pattern



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The rounded lockplate with teat at rear measures 6.5 in x 1.25 in and has a rounded integral pan with bridle. Rounded swan-neck cock with straight narrow comb. Engraved across the tail, TOWER, and ahead of cock, crowned GR. The steel pivots on a pin, the steel spring hooks over a pin which also has a bridge for the top of the steel. All external screws. Internally, the sear-spring is the only screw-held part, the remainder being accomplished by parts hooking over or pivoting on pins. The function of the front lockscrew is carried out by a hook as on later sporting locks. The rear lockscrew is replaced by a long pin from the inside of the lockplate, with two flats cut near the tip. These flats are engaged by a vertically acting catch on the left side of the stock at the breech, which being slotted slides over the two flats of the pin and holds the the lock in position.
Stocked to 4.25 in of the muzzle, the barrel fitted with a break off breech and retained by three flat slides without escutcheons and the upper sling loop screw. Four heavy brass rod pipes, the upper one trumpet, and the lower one (tailpipe) of large diameter with retaining spring inside. No sideplate or sidenails and no escutcheon on the small. The trigger guard and the buttplate are of standard Land Pattern, but the guard is held with pins only. Lower sling loop through front of guard bow. Full butt with no handrail, and low comb.
The browned barrel has a tapering conical vent and is not baluster turned at the breech; Government proofmarks stamped on top


BarrelLength41.93 inches
BarrelLength1065 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.77 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Barrel marked: crowned GR broad arrow, crowned crossed pennants, illegible, W starred


Places England


'Jonathan Hennem'
Arms contractor, who held the lease of the Armoury Mills, Lewisham. His screwless locks were used on muskets furnished to the 20th Regiment and Hennem accompanied them to Ireland in 1784 to instruct them in their use. Some 400 locks were manufactured and 308 muskets fitted with them were issued to the 20th.
Information from Howard L Blackmore.