Object Title

Centrefire underlever breech-loading military rifle - Martini-Henry Mk. II

Centrefire underlever breech-loading military rifle - Martini-Henry Mk. II



Object Number



Old Tower collection?


Dimensions: Overall length: 49.65 in (1260 mm), Length of Barrel: 32.65 in (828 mm)


Serial Number None visible


.577/.450 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Receiver marked on right: crown (very rubbed) over VR over L.SA Co over 1876; crown over Broad Arrow; II (the second number overstruck again) ; crown over BB over 11. Receiver marked on left: government proof marks of crown over VR over crossed swords, and crown over X over 1 ; WD . Stock marked: on right of shoulder stock: crown over Broad Arrow, all within a double circular border within which is stamped L[?] (i.e. probably LONDON but all uncertain except L) with an asterisk at each end and, at the bottom, 1876 ; from the lower end of the circle is is stamped II,with I between the two numerals; I over 1885 ; V over 3 GM over 280, each line separated by an ornate line; inscribed W I ; also faint inscribed letters ending with the word 'YOU'. Butt-plate marked: Broad Arrow over WD ; crown over X over 15 .Underside of stock stamped: crown over [K] over 2 (i.e. crown over K over 2, the K uncertain); crown over [V]R over 15 (i.e. crown over VR over 15, the V uncertain) ; then near


Places England


At one time fitted with bayonet X.535