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Dagger (bichwa) and scabbard

Dagger (bichwa) and scabbard



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Purchased Christies, 9 April 1863. From the Codrington collection. From Hyderabad, 1810.

Physical Description

There are two blades, each double curved and with a medial ridge on the guard side only. The hilt is of steel, in the form of a loop; one side, waisted and engraved with ten transverse lines, forms the grip. The outer side is divided into a double guard, each decorated with hatched chevrons. Each guard has a button pommel finial. Either end of the hilt is extended in double, onion-shaped langets, attached to eather blade with two iron rivets with brass rosette washers. There is a small guard with onion-shaped terminals riveted inside the langets at the end on the blade.

The scabbard is of moulded leather, shaped to the blades, with a ridge around the throat, a pointed flap at the guard and a suspension loop at the rear. It is stained with red and buff chevrons pointing up at the rear and down at the front.


BladeLength191 mm
OverallLength305 mm
ScabbardWeight0.024 kg
DaggerWeight0.274 kg

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Bibliographic References

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