Object Title

Powder flask and ramrod

Powder flask and ramrod



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Found, Oriental Armoury, 4 August 1992.

Physical Description

The assembly consists of a small horn-shaped primer of plain iron closed by a pivoted sprung lever attached to the concave side. The flask is filled through a hole in the base closed by a screw. Attached to the lever are two loops from which it is hung by leather covered cords attached to a circular leather covered pad. Also attached to the pad is a longer leather covered loop from which hangs a steel ramrod fitted with a swivel at one end. The pad itself seems to have been suspended from two red cords only parts of which now exist.


Dimensions: The length of the primer is 184 mm, the length of the ramrod being 315 mm. Weight: The weight of the outfit is 0.4 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks