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Acquired 1974, ex Williams collection. Stated to have been found in Epping Forest. Christies, 8 June 1950, lot 95. Lockett sale, Christies 12 June 1942 Lot 279; Morgan Williams collection 26 May 1921, lot 62. From the Louderborough [sic. in IBE - Londesborough?].

Physical Description

Consisting of axe blade, rear hammer and reinforced apical spike. Blade of trumpet profile with straight edge; there is a trefoil peircing at the centre, and it is decorated with strips of brass inlay. The broad hammer head, also with brass inlay has a dentated face. Spike of lanceolate form, with its own langets, which are pierced with two tracery lights surmounted by a trefoil. Secured through central block by large rivet, which projects on both sides and is wrapped in brass. A second set of langets, below the first, extend from the head proper. The haft is modern.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Length of head with langets: 415 mm, Length of head alone: 205 mm

Bibliographic References

Catalogue of 'Chased Iron & Steel Exhibition', Burlington Fine Arts Club, 1900 (illus.) - CHECK & COMPL. ref.


For details of simlar pollaxes in the Royal Armopuries and other museums in England, see IBE (not yet on STAR) and inv. file for VII.1827.