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3 pr gun

3 pr gun



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The gun is ornamented in relief on the first reinforce with the royal arms backed by the Star of the Garter, on the second reinforce with a trophy and on the chase with the monogram of John, Earl of Chatham, Master General of the Ordnance, 1801-6 and 1807-10. The chase girdle bears a design of flowers and foliage and there is a band of acanthus ornament above the muzzle astragal. The base ring is inscribed I & H King. The gun has a vent patch and a foundry number A8 140, XIX stamped on the under side


Dimensions: Length: 1485 mm (4 ft 10.5 in / 58.5 in), Overall length: 1575 mm (5 ft 2 in / 62 in); width: 305 mm


Serial Number 140


3 in _ (762 mm)


Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976, p.83.


These guns were evidently at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, in the last century for they can be identified in a list of trophy guns preserved at the Arsenal compiled by Lieut. J.H. Edgar, R.A., in 1859 (R.A. Inst Proc., II (1861),189). They were probably made as gifts for a foreign ruler. cf No.268. Two more of this series are on loan to H.Q., Aldershot District.
'John and Henry King'
Appointed Founders of the Royal Brass Foundry at Woolwich in 1784, Foreman and Assistant Foreman in 1789, being promoted to Master Founder and Assistant Founder on the revival of these offices in 1797. John King continued in the post until his death in 1813 when he was succeeded by his brother Henry (W.O.47/116, p.692; W.O.47/2560, p.414; W.O.47/2630, p.1143).