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Old Tower collections. First accessioned when on display in the Canon Room (White Tower basement), March 1972.

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Of wood, the butt being solid, slightly tapering towards a flattened end. Around the butt, behind the grip, are holes for the nails that secured a leather band, being designed to ram against the lance-rest and absorb the shock. There is a narrow octagonal grip, flaring abruptly at each end where it meets the but and main shaft. The [partly hollow] shaft is evenly tapered towards the tip for about half its length and octagonal for approximately the first third, where it is also cut into 8 flutings. [These are painted buff, while the grip and first third are painted maroon. The remainder of the shaft and the base are painted black. The metal lance-head is missing or was never present. There is some surface damage caused by mounting bracket.]


Dimensions: overall length: 3495 mm, length of butt: 410 mm, length of grip: 160 mm, max. diameter: 250 mm


Places England


For general information on this type of lance and for other examples in the Royal Armouries, see entry for VII.552.