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Tower arsenal

Physical Description

(Based on Typed Inventory which merely said it was simlar to VII.108. Entry for VII.108 partly referred to description of VII.107 - CHECK ALL) The head consists of a small, leaf-shaped blade of hollow diamond section with short, tapering socket of octagonal section with a single roped moulding below and a double incised line above with two further incised lines forming a chevron at the base of the blade; and short langets. Modern wooden haft.


Dimensions: Length of head: 337 mm (13.25 in), length of langets: 184 mm (7.25 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on both sides, stamped: a mark resembling a four-leafed clover or a cross in reserve (struck twice - CHECK) (illus. ffoulkes 1916; also drawing in marks cards in curators' office).


Places England

Bibliographic References

C ffoulkes, Inventory and Survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London, London, 1916, II, p. 223 (group entry for VII.103-126, illus. of mark).


For general information on this type of spear and for lists of other examples in the collection, arranged by [sub]-type, see entry for VII.103.