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About 1620

Object Number



Old Tower stock

Physical Description

Consisting of a front and rear plate, each of which deepens at the centre, the front plate with a medial ridge and both with an upward-flanged neck opening. The edges of the neck opening have a plain inward turn, the other main edges have partial turns. There are 12 externally flush rivets around the neck. The front plate has a keyhole slot on the right that engages a modern mushroom-headed stud on the rear plate, and articulates a domed rivet, fitted with an internal square washer, on the left. At either side of the neck opening of the rear plate is the rivet hole for a later leather strap.
It is externally bright and internally rough from the hammer. The neck of the front plate is bent and the left side of this plate has an internal repair plate on the left secured by four externally flush rivets. The plate here is also pierced by a later small hole.


Dimensions: Max. Length: 28.1 cm (11.1 in), Max. width: 32.6 cm (12.8 in) Weight: 0.649 kg (1 lb 7 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible


Places Germany