Object Title




About 1650

Object Number



Old Tower stock

Physical Description

With a raised neck and narrow flange at the waist. The neck- and arm-openings, and the lower edge of the flange, have inward turns. At each shoulder are three rivet holes for the attachment of the missing shoulder straps. At either side of the waist are two rivet holes for the attachment of the missing waist strap. The outermost hole on the left is filled internally by a later flat-headed rivet, that on the right by a similar copper rivet. The centre of the neck and each shoulder are each pierced by a later suspension hole, and there is a further small hole at the right shoulder by the neck. The left-hand end of the flange has been slightly bent up. The inward turn on the lower edge of the flange has slightly split on the underside. It appears to have been painted black externally but this has been partially cleaned off; paint runs are visible on the inner side by the shoulder rivet holes.


Dimensions: Max. height: 37.7 cm (14.8 in), Max. width: 34.5 cm (13.6 in) Weight: 1.81 kg (4 lb)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible


Places England