Object Title

Spanish morion

Spanish morion



Object Number



Bowyer Tower AS 74 (1989)

Physical Description

It has a high, one piece, almond shaped skull with a crushed, short, backward turned stalk at its apex, and a flat integral brim with a blunt point at the front and rear. The main edge has a roped inward turn with a narrow recessed border. The base of the skull was encircled by fourteen lining rivets, whose brass rosette washers and caps are lost, with small circular washers for the lining band and leathers for the missing cheekpieces; of these, the front one at the left, and fifth from the rear at the right, are missing. No plume holder survives, but one may have been fitted at the rear pair. It is bright but patinated. The stalk is crushed, and at the front of the brim is a suspension hole. The brim is somewhat cracked.Identified with a patch of concentric corrosion, June 2005. Judged probably not concentric corrosion january 2006, no trace of rings in the spidery rust.


Dimensions: Height: 23.6 cm ( 9.3 in), Width: 25.5 cm ( 10.0 in), Depth: 31.7 cm ( 12.5 in), Skull depth: 19.2 cm ( 7.6 in), Skull width: 21.2 cm ( 8.4 in) Weight: 1.985 kg ( 4 lb 6 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None. Painted inside in white 16.