Object Title

Spanish morion

Spanish morion



Object Number



Old Tower Collection. Bowyer tower, AS.37 (1989)

Physical Description

It has a high, one-piece, almond shaped skull, with a short, backward-turned stalk of its apex, and an integral brim swept down at the sides, and rising to a point at the front and the rear. The brim has a roped inward turn, accompanied by a narrow, recessed border. Eleven of the original twelve brass-capped lining rivets survive encircling the base of the skull; ten of which retain part or all of their original decorated copper-alloy washers. Two iron rivets are present at the base of the rear of the skull for the attachment of a plume holder, one of which has been replaced along with the copper-alloy washer. Both cheek-pieces are missing. Retains its original black from the hammer finish.



HelmetHeight271 mm
HelmetLength390 mm
HelmetWeight1455 g
HelmetWidth235 mm

Inscriptions and Marks




Morions with swept brims appear to have been gradually replaced with those with flat brims from the 1580s. However, morions with swept brims continued to be produced, albeit in apparently smaller numbers, until the turn of the 17th century. The phrase 'Murryons of the Spanyshe fassyon' is found in the 1588 inventory of the Tower Armouries, which may refer to this style.