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Spanish morion

Spanish morion



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Physical Description

It has a high, one piece, almond shaped skull with a short backward-turned stalk at its apex, and a flat, narrow, obtusely pointed brim. The main edge of the brim is turned inward and unevenly file-roped, accompanied by a narrow recessed border. The base of the skull is encircled by fourteen brass-caped lining rivets with brass rossette shaped external washers of which eight are missing. The cheekpieces are both missing. The skull is decorated by a stylised acanthus leaf at its apex and by eight vertical bands of etched trophies on a stippled and blackened ground, each enclosed by narrow bands of guioche. The base of the skull is encircled by a narrow etched band of guioche enclosed by double incised lines. The brim is decorated by a narrow band, widening at the front and rear, of etched trophies on a stipled and blackened ground. It is painted black inside. There is a crudely pierced suspension hole at the front of the brim.


Dimensions: Overall height: 24.2 cm (9.5 in), Overall depth: 19.5 cm ( 11.6 in), Overall width: 23.6 cm (9.4 in), Skull width: 20.6 cm (9.4 in), Skull depth: 18.0 cm (7.1 in) Weight: 1.565kg (3 lb 7 oz)

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Places Italy