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About 1650

Object Number



Old Tower stock

Physical Description

The skull is made in two halves joined in a low, medial comb turned to the right and terminating a little above its lower edge, where it is riveted on the inside, the front rivet secured internally by a square rivet. The main edge has a plain partial inward turn and is bordered by 10 domed lining rivets, all except one with internal square washers and retaining fragments of a canvas lining band. Two rivets each side have remains of leathers for the missing cheekpieces.
A one-piece neckguard, embossed to simulate 4 lames, is attached to the skull by a domed rivet to right and left, each secured internally by a square washer. It flares out slightly to its obtusely pointed end. Its main edge has plain inward turns accompanied by a recessed border within which are 9 domed lining rivets with internal washers retaining frangments of the lining band. Each simulated lame has a skeuomorphic domed rivet in the centre, forming a vertical row; the top lame rivet also forms the rear skull connecting rivet. The 4th lame is pierced by two later suspension holes, and the lame has broken out below them.
A peak is attached to the skull by a pivot at either side secured internally by a square washer. It is medially pointed with inward turned edges accompanied by a recessed border. Its upward flanged rear edge forming the arms of the peak is shaped to the skull and base of the comb. Riveted to the rear of the peak is a triple-bar faceguard, made of bars of rectangular section, welded together at the base.
It is black from the hammer externally, and internally. The 4th lame of the neckguard has a hole and damage on each side.


Dimensions: Max. skull width: 24.7 cm (9.75 in), Max. skull depth: 24.6 cm (9.7 in), Overall depth: 43.5 cm (17.2 in), Faceguard height: 20.8 cm (8.2 cm) Weight: 1.568 kg (3 lb 7 1/4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible


Places England


Ex IV.201