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Spanish morion

Spanish morion



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Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

One-piece almond-shaped skull with 'pear-stalk' at apex and flat brim with narrow countersunk border and roped inward turn. The base of the brim is pierced with twelve holes for lining rivets, now missing. Additionally, the rear of the skull has been pierced with a further two holes for the attachment of a missing plume holder. There are multiple dents to the skull especially on the front and true left with some minor delamination occuring. The top of the medial ridge near the apex has been patched with a plate internally and there is evidence of copper solder.The rear of the brim has been pierced with a hole for suspension which has become enlarged probably due to corrosion.



HelmetHeight253 mm
HelmetLength318 mm
HelmetWeight1090 g
HelmetWidth230 mm


Places Italy


Cabasset of typical north Italian form of the late 16th century, commonly termed a 'Spanish morion'