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Sword (katana)

Sword (katana)



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Found Lanthorn Tower 1986.

Physical Description

The blade is shinogi zukuri with ihori mune, tori zori and with short kissaki. The hamon is nioi deki narrow suguba with no other features visible. The hada is a rich itame with areas of mokume and the boshi is ko maru with short kaeri.The tang is long and tapered, ubu and mumei with horizontal file marks. Mounts
The seppa and habaki are of copper covered with polished shakudo foil with scratches on the latter. The tsuba is a mokko shaped shakudo plate with a raised gilded rim with tendrils and kiri mon in relief on a nanako ground.The central panel is chiselled with flowers, insects and leaves with some gilding of the details. The tsuka is bound with black braid and fitted with fuchi / gashira of shakudo nanako with a raised gilded dragon and rim. The fuchi is signed 'Hidemoto and a kao'. The menuki are gilded copper dragons. The scabbard is now coated with a yellowish nashiji lacquer that has been applied over the kurigata and koiguchi.


HiltLength252 mm
KissakiLength27 mm
BladeLength689 mm
ScabbardLength745 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Japan

Bibliographic References

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The scabbard of this sword has been over lacquered in the meiji period to enhance its sales appeal.