Object Title

Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard


dated 1772-1773

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Acquired 1949. From the Oldman collection.

Physical Description

Silver hilt consisting of hollow pommel, knuckle-guard stamped with silver marks which include date letters for 1772-3, quillons, pas d'ane [now called arms of the hilt] and oval shell-guards. All the metal parts are pierced and chiselled with foliage and trophies. Wooden grip bound with silver wire.

The blade, of oval section, is etched with patterns of strapwork and flowers. Black leather scabbard with silver mounts, the loocket inscribed on the back LOXHAM'S/ROYAL EXCHANGE.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1016 mm (40 in), length of blade: 851 mm (33.5 in), length of scabbard: 871 mm (34.3 in) Weight: Sword: 1lb 1 oz, Scabbard: 3 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt: London hallmarks (to be CHECKED for completeness); the date letter for 1772-73; and a maker's mark, IR (or possibly IB).


Places England

Bibliographic References

L Southwick, London silver-hilted swords, their makers, suppliers and allied traders, with directory, Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2001[a]: 290, pl. 74 (hilt and base of blade only) - 'maker's markl of John Radborn. INF. ON MAKER NOT YET FULLY EXTRACTED.

L Southwick, 'Some silver-hilted swords by London makers in the Royal Armouries', Royal Armouries Yearbook, 6, 2001[b], pp. 32-54, at pp. 44-5, fig. 19. NOT YET EXTRACTED.


Inventory (IBE) stated that the mark on the hilt is probably that of the London goldsmith John Romer, entered as a member of the Goldsmith's Company before 1773. A.V.B.Norman subsequently suggested that this is, in fact the mark of John Radburn, hiltmaker, 1762-1773, see Grimwade No. 1617, p.636 (note by BC 24/04/82). L Southwick (visit 15/07/99) suggests the mark may in fact be IB rather than IR. INF.. FROM SOUTHWICK 2001 A & B STILL TO BE ENTERED.