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3.75 in saker

3.75 in saker



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Transferred in 1930 from the Rotunda Museum, Woolwich, where it was numbered Class II.1

Physical Description

With plain turned mouldings and a band of foliage including Tudor roses and Tudor roses and fleur-de-lys by the base-ring. On the reinforce is a Tudor rose in relief surrounded by the Garter with a crown above and below, the inscription POUR DEFENDRE; nearer the vent is the inscription HENRICVS VIII. ANGLEI ET FRANCIE REX FIDEI DEFENSOR ET DNS HIBERNIE A.D.M. CCCCC XXIX.
The name of the founder FRANCISCVS ARCANVS is incised near the muzzle


Dimensions: Length: 6 ft 10 in (208.3 cm), Overall length: 7 ft 4 in (223.5 cm)


Serial Number None visible


3.75 in (9.5 cm)

Bibliographic References

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This gun is one of a series cast for Henry VIII by the Arcana family, natives of Cesena in N.E. Italy who came to England in 1523. Their names were Archangelo, Francesco and Rafaelo, although an entry in the State Papers for 1531 referring to 'Rafe Francis' seems to imply that Rafaelo and Francisco may have been the same person. The family established a foundry in Salisbury Place south of Fleet Street, near the northern end of Blackfriars Bridge. cf. XIX.18, 167.