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Harquebusier's elbow gauntlet

Harquebusier's elbow gauntlet



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Possibly Old Tower stock.

Physical Description

Comprising a long cuff made in one piece closed at the rear by an inward overlapping joint secured by 5 externally flush rivets. The upper rear edge curves up to the point of the elbow; the upper front edge is slightly flanged. The upper edge has a plain inward turn bordered by single incised line decoration within which are 15 domed brass lining rivets.
The rear of the lower edge, which has a cutout for the passage of the hand, has double incised line decoration, much worn on the side above the joint. On this side close by the mwtacarpel lames is a small flattened rivet above a hole, either a suspension hole or the original hole for the thumb piece.
Attached at either side of the lower front edge of the cuff is the first of 4 metacarpel lames, the fourth terminating in a knuckle plate, each of which is cusped to accomodate a brass domed rivet at either side, except for the outside rivet on the 2nd lame, which is iron. All are fitted with internal circular washers. Each plate overlaps outwards from the knuckle plate and is drawn up slightly obliquely at the centre of the edge; and the main edge of the knuckle plate and all subsidiary edges are bordered by double incised line decoration. The knuckle plate is embossed for the base of the fingers, each with a brass domed rivet except for the innermost, which is iron, and all fitted with an internal square washer retaining fragments of leather. The knuckle with the iron rivet has a small repair plate internally, secured by two flush rivets. The construction marks and rivets of the lames, and the slight misalighnment of the cusps, suggests they are not in their original order.
It is bright externally and internally is rough from the hammer. The upper border has a damage hole in both front and rear.


Dimensions: Max. diameter of arm-opening: 17.1 cm (6.75 in), Max. length: 41.1 cm (16.2 in) Weight: 0.656 kg ( 1 lb 7 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Internal construction marks: 1st lame marked: II; 3rd lame marked: III; 4th lame marked: I


Places England