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10 bore cannon - Winchester Model 98 Starting Cannon

10 bore cannon - Winchester Model 98 Starting Cannon



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Found in Fort Nelson Store in 1996.

Physical Description

A steel breech loading cannon mounted on a crude wooden bed. The gun comes complete with lanyard but one of the wheels is missing. the catalogue states that the gun consists of'a 12 inch tapered, rolled steel barrel, cylinder bored, mounted upona shapely cast-iron carriage, substantially built, which is supplied with two heavy wheels at the forward end 3 5/8 inch in diameter. the barrel and breech closure are proved and tested to withstand a much greater pressure than can be developed by any charge of black powder that can be loaded in a 10 gauge shell.' This object has been removed from the cast iron carriage and mounted upon a very crude wooden carriage with only three remaining wheels


Dimensions: 29.5 cm length, 16 cm width


Serial Number None visible


10 bore

Inscriptions and Marks

Winchester Company 1901


Places America

Bibliographic References

'Winchester the gun that won the West' by Harold F Williamson. Thomas Yoseloff LTD. London.