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Bowyer Tower AS 75 (1989)

Physical Description

It has a one piece skull with a high, roped, medial comb, and a short, rounded integral peak with a file roped, inward turned edge, accompanied by a recessed border. Attached by two rivets to the outward flanged, lower edge of the skull is a single neck lame which widens at the centre, and has a file roped, inward turn accompanied by a recessed border. The skull was originally furnished with five externally flush lining rivets around its nape and its brow, all of which are preserved except for that at the centre of the brow and that at the left of the nape. Each side of the skull has a large cut out with a rectangular, central notch to accomodate the hinge which originally attached to the cheekpiece. The hinge was attached by a pair of rivets to each component. Both hinges are now broken, and the left cheekpiece is lost. The surviving right cheekpiece has been preserved by attaching it to the skull with a pair of rivets respectively located in the holes for the rearmost lining rivet at the brow and the foremost lining rivet at the nape, the second of which is now broken out. The cheekpiece has an almost square forward and lower edhge, and a more or less rounded rear and upper edge, with a square notch at the top where it fits over the side of the peak. The lower edge of the cheekpiece has a file roped inward turn accompanied by a recessed border. The cheekpiece is pierecd with a group of six, circular ventilation holes arranged in a circle around a similar central hole. At the lower front corner of the cheekpiece is an externally flush rivet, fitted internally with a fragment of a leather loop for lacing shut the cheekpieces. Attached by a pair of externally flush rivets at the right of the nape is an iron plume holder. It is formed of a crude tube, decorated at the top and bottom with a pair of incised lines, and extended down wards to form a broad, rounded tab by means of which it is attached. Painted black.


Dimensions: Overall height: 28.5 cm ( 11.2 in), Overall width: 19.0 cm ( 7.5 in), Overall depth: cm ( in) Weight: 1.12 kg (2 lb 7.25 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks