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Flintlock muzzle-loading cavalry carbine - James II Pattern

Flintlock muzzle-loading cavalry carbine - James II Pattern



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Or carbine: Barrel octagonal at the breech changing to sixteen sided and then of round section flaring slightly at the muzzle.
Lock engraved with the crowned cypher of James II and with the name of the maker BROOKE. A mark is stamped on the inner side of the lockplate.
Stock with brass butt-plate and two moulded brass ramrod pipes. The trigger-guard, ramrod and top jaw and screw of the cock are missing


Wood carving, Forging



BarrelLength31 in
BarrelLength787 mm
OverallLength45 in.
OverallLength1160 mm
OverallWeight3.94 kg
OverallWeight8.7 lb


Serial Number None visible


.670 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Breech stamped with government property and proof marks the latter repeated on the breech-strap. A maker's mark is stamped on the underside. R.B



Robert Brooke is recorded in 'A Dictionary of London Gunmakers 1350-1850' by Howard L. Blackmore:
'Robert Brooke'
Former apprentice of John Silke, turned over to William Palmer, free of Gunmakers Co., 1660. Elected Assistant, 1666; Master, 1679. Gunmaker, Minories. Contractor to Ordnance, 1661-89; East India Co., 1682. Made pattern Barbary gun and lock for King of Fez & Morocco, 1683 (BO). Appointed Gunmaker-in-Ordinary to Charles II, 1670 (LC). Maker of the King's Guns within the Tower of London & Elsewhere, 1683 (CSP). d. and will pr., 1689 (PCC). Business continued by widow, Mary.