Object Title

Close helmet

Close helmet



Object Number

II.359 a


Presented on 26 May 1982.

Physical Description

The close helmet comprises a skull with a high medial ridge, with a bevor, upper bevor and visor attached by a common pivot at either side. Each pivot consists of a square-headed bolt inserted from the inside of the skull through a square hole and fastened on the outside by a hemispherical nut cut with a slot on the end and at either side, and decorated with four lines radiating from the centre, and another line round the base. Each bolt is marked on the head with a pair of dots. The left pivot is modern. The base of the skull has a narrow, stepped flange to which are attached two gorget plates, the lower of which deepens to the centre. Tow more are attached to the flange of the lower bevor. The plates are articulated by sliding rivets at the sides and a medial leather. The skull and bevor are decorated with file roping around the face opening. The bevor is shaped to the chin, and has a forked visor prop riveted to its right side. At the right of the neck is a rectangular slot and restore swivel hook which engages a pierced sprung stud operated by a push button at the right of the skull. The upper bevor has a blunt prow-shaped form. It is pierced on the right with a rosette of breaths formed of a central hole surrounded by eight almond-shaped slots with two circular holes and one heart-shaped hole between them. The end of the foremost horizontal slot is drilled out and backed by a threaded bar retained by two rivets to which a reinforcing bevor could be screwed. The right side of the upper bevor has a hole at top and bottom edges aligned with threaded holes in the lower bevor and visor by which the helmet could be locked shut; the original bolts are lost. The visor nestles in the upper bevor, is stepped at its bottom edge where it is pierced with a pair of sights. Inside its lower edge is riveted a horizontal sprung bar, whose front end is bent out to form a stud which protrudes through a hole in the visor to engage a matching hole in the upper bevor, and whose rear end is fitted with a restored pull cord, which also passes through a hole in the visor and through a notch in the upper edge of the bevor. A gilt brass plume tube decorated with arabesques is attached at the rear of the skull. At either side of this are two holes decorated with gilt brass eyelets for the points from the internal leather cross straps, fragments of which are riveted inside the brow. Lining bands of buff leather are riveted inside the neck and face opening of the skull and bevor, and around the lower edges of the gorget plates. A lining consisting of two layers of canvas stuffed with cotton is sewn in. It is quilted in small squares except at the crown where it remains plain, and it is divided into four quadrants.


OverallDepth308 mm
OverallHeight320 mm
OverallWeight5.5 kg
OverallWidth245 mm