Object Title

Sword (firanghi)

Sword (firanghi)



Object Number



Purchased 14 March 1990. Said to be ex-Conan Doyle Collection

Physical Description

The European blade is straight, single edged for three quarters of its length, and has two fullers. The hilt is of Hindu basket form. The large langets extending over the blade are decorated with confronted lions in gold koftgari. The guard is of waisted form, decorated with four divinities, probably avatars of Vishnu. The knucklebow tapers to the pommel, which is of deep, dished form with a low bowl supporting a long, curved spike.


Dimensions: overall length: 124.0cm (48.9in), blade length: 100.0cm (39.4in)

Inscriptions and Marks

The inside of the guard is inscribed in gold onlay 'Ragasa ?iha' (?). The blade bears traces of a stamped inscription (see inventory file).



Compare Christies 19 September 1990 lot 24, which came from the same source (said to be from the Conan Doyle collection, from a house in Switzerland), the inscription of which has been read as 'Rajah Mandray Andra P[r]atesh'.