Object Title

120 mm gun barrel - 120 mm L11

120 mm gun barrel - 120 mm L11



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Presented by MOD (PE), Shoeburyness. 09 10 1989.

Physical Description

The barrel is a one-piece construction with a bore evacuator two-thirds of the way to the muzzle, which does not feature a muzzle break. Normally a thermal sleeve is fitted around the barrel. Gun recoil is normally of the order of 370 mm and is controlled by a hydropneumatic buffer. A semi-automatic cam opens the breech after firing ready for reloading. Guns of this series like the L11A5 were used for example on the FV4201 Chieftain Main Battle Tank. Rate of Fire 10 rpm (maximum) 6 rpm (normal) Barrel life 120 effective full charges


Dimensions: Length: 6.6 metres Weight: 1066 kg


Serial Number NG789


120 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

On muzzle 'NG789' On breech 'GUN 120 MM TKL11' 'REG No. NG789 FL18451 ROFN 1981' On barrel 'WT 1075 KG' in white paint


Places England