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Spanish morion

Spanish morion



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Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

One piece skull of almond shape with long stalk drawn out of the apex. At the base of the skull is a narrow brim which is turned down at the sides and drawn up into a point at front and rear. The brim has a plain inward turn round the edge with filed rope finish. This is flanked along the inner side by a narrow recessed border. Just above the brim the skull is pierced each side for a series of six steel lining rivets. Four are missing, and all that remain are modern replacements with rosette-shaped washers on the outer surface of the skull. A few retain fragments of the leather lining material on the inner surface. The plume-holder and cheek pieces are missing, the helmet was painted black, and retins its original black from the hammer finish.



One of a group of 'Spanish' morions probably used in England, all retaining their original finish, including IV.1543 and IV.451.