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Crossbow (thami)

Crossbow (thami)



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Presented by the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum in 1955.

Physical Description

The tiller is cut from a board of rather open-grained wood, the underside being shaped for the bow then narrowing down for the tail. Inlet into the upper surface by a dovetail is a piece of bone with a notch for the string. The release is effected by a small ball trigger of bone that when pressed pushes the string upwards out of the notch. There is a narrow groove along the upper surface of the tiller that does not reach as far as bone release mechanism.
The bow is cut from what appears to be palm wood. The back is convex whilst the belly is virtually flat. There are simple nocks cut into the wood at either end. The bow is not fastened into the tiller, simply fitting into a hole cut to accommodate it.
With the bow are 18 bolts, each made from a thin sliver of bamboo, split at the end and fitted with a flight made from folded grass leaf. There is a small binding to close the slot and grip the flight.


Dimensions: The length of the tiller is 680 mm, the thickness being 14 mm. The distance from the front of the tiller to the notch is 355 mm. The length of bow is 950 mm, the thickness 17 mm and the depth in the centre is 50 mm. Weight: The weight of the bow is 0.575 kg.

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