Object Title

Dagger (peshkabz)

Dagger (peshkabz)



Object Number



Purchased, Christies, 7 April 1982, lot 112 (ill.).

Physical Description

The blade is single edged. with a T-shaped back. The point is blunted and rusted. The hilt is covered in gilt copper, embossed with flowers and foliage, and set with green and clear glass imitating precious stones. The scabbard is of wood covered with red velvet, with a locket and chape of gilt copper embossed like the hilt. The chape terminates in an ibis (duck?) head turned back so that the beak rests of the chape.


BladeLength230 mm
OverallLength350 mm

Inscriptions and Marks




Compare a dagger in the collection of Prof. Dr. W Uhlmaann of Grebrunn, which has a more choora-like blade, grip formed of green glass with red glass on the washers of the two rivets, and retains its original worn velvet on the scabbard. The attribution to Gujerat is based on comparison with the decoration of other contemporary Gujerati pieces.