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Purchased at the Gothic Hall in 1841 together with V.8

Physical Description

Rounded at the top and bottom and with prominent central ridge, it is constructed of wood covered on both sides with canvas the outer side faced with a thin layer of gesso. It is crudely painted in red and white with stylised flower and leaf motifs on a black ground, perhaps originally dark blue. It is made of three panels of wood, a central one shaped for the central spine, and two outer ones. Inside are four iron staples, the lower two near the bottom, the upper two just above centre, level with the top of the hand grip. This was Y-shaped, attached by two nails at the top and one at the bottom. The upper left nail retains a fragment of a leather strap, and there is a fragment of another (or the other end of that one) held by two nails and an iron washer lower at the right. At the top is the right end of a leather suspension loop held by one nail, with a corresponding nail hole at the left.


Dimensions: length 850 mm, width 432 mm Weight: 4.29 kg

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Places Germany