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Part of the Seymour Collection acquired April 1987. At least some of the items apparently acquired from Wilkinsons (sword manufacturers). For further details see entry for IX.3154, under Notes.

Physical Description

Short, blunt-edged 'sword' blade with rounded tip. Tapering recatngular-sectioned tang, changing to round section towards the end, which is threaded. Relief etched decoration on both sides against a darkened background (apparenly not blued) comprises, on each side, two panels of formalized foliage scrollwork, those nearest the hilt having a blank panelin their centres. Between the panels are, on one side, the British royal arms as borne from 1837 and, on the other, the crowned cypher GvR (for George V), both motifs set between sun-rays (above) and crossed laurels (below). The cypher side also has, on the ricasso, a six-pointed star centred on a hexagon, and the raised etching on this side is gilt (probably gold leaf rather than electro-plating). The remainder of the blade surface is nickel-plated.

Condition (when first catalogued in October 1987): Genrally good with slight surface rust spots.


Dimensions: Overall length: 579 mm (22.8 in), tang length: 156 mm (6.1 in), width at base of tang: 25.4 mm (1.0 in) Weight: 240 gm (11 3/4 oz)


Places Britain