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Matchlock muzzle-loading target gun - By E. G. Siaens

Matchlock muzzle-loading target gun - By E. G. Siaens



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Of similar type to No. XII.18 and 20 but differing in detail and of later date. Barrel of square section at the breech altering to octagonal. Wide, flat backsight pierced with a large aperture and originally fitted with a pivoted plate drilled with a smaller aperture for optional use. The pan retains it's pivoted cover.
Lock with mechanism similar to that fitted to No. XII.16, the lock-plate however being of flintlock shape. It is engraved with the name of the maker E.G. Siaens.
Stock, the butt with cheekpiece on both sides, the large hand-grip carved with rococo scrollwork and foliage in high relief. Brass mounts, the trigger-guard indented for the fingers. Double-lever hair-trigger. Ramrod missing


BarrelLength1067 mm
OverallLength1502 mm


Serial Number None visible


.56 in (26 bore)


Places Flanders

Bibliographic References

Arne Hoff, Dutch Firearms, Ed: Walter Stryker, Sotheby Parke, Bernet, London, 1978. p.28, ill. pl.20.