Object Title

probably a CAM FOLLOWER

probably a CAM FOLLOWER

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Part of the Seymour Collection acquired April 1987. At least some of the items apparently acquired from Wilkinson s (sword manufacturers). For further details see file and inv. sheet before IX.3154.

Physical Description

A steel cylinder, the central section of which is narrower and has a machined finish. The outer sections were highly polished (one now badly rusted) and possibly plated. One end of the cylinder is hollow and the circular concave end of an inner piece can be seen, retained in place by a rectangular spring which engages in a groove on the inside of the cylinder (ie a circlip).

Condition on acquisition: One end badly rusted.


Dimensions: Diameter: 21 mm (0.8 in), height: 51 mm (2 in) Weight: 95 gm (3.25 oz)


Places N/A