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Tool head

Tool head



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Part of the Seymour Collection acquired April 1987. At least some of the items apparently acquired from Wilkinson s (sword manufacturers). For further details see file and inv. sheet before IX.3154.

Physical Description

The steel tool head consists of a cylinder which is chamfered at one end and in the centre of which is a threaded hole. At the opposite end is a wide recess with a chamfered rim, through which a longitudinal slot is cut. This is for the pin on a pinfire cartridge. Within the recess is a disc, free to move longitudinally but retained and prevented from rotating by two guide pins passing through the solid end adjacent to the threaded hole.

The tool has a pair of incised lines just below the chamfer.

Condition on acquisition: Eextensive surface rusting and pitting.


Dimensions: Diameter: 29 mm (1.15 in), height: 17 mm (0.7 in) Weight: 60 gm (2 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

The solid end of the tool is stamped 'PATENT' and '12', the 2 being overstamped with '0', and the side engraved '10'


Places Britain


Similar to IX.3212 - IX.3217