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Harquebusier breastplate

Harquebusier breastplate



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Physical Description

With a medial keel, dipping down slightly at the waist, where there is a narrow, almost level flange. The neck is slightly raised, and bordered by nine lining rivets. The neck, arm, and waist edges are inwardly turned, and each is bordered by a single groove. At the waist is a line of thirteen lining rivets. At either side of the chest, near the arm, is a small mushroom headed stud, for the attachment of a shoulder strap. Below the arm is a single rivet hole at either side. At the middle left is a large proof test mark. The breastplate is pierced for suspension at either shoulder, and there are two nicks in the keel.


Dimensions: Height: 34.5 cm (13.6 in), Width: 34.6 cm (13.6 in) Weight: 7 lb 8 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

Inside the flange is a construction mark, IIII.


Places England