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With a pronounced medial keel terminating above the waist, which is level with a flange drawn down to a blunt point. The neck, arm, side and parts of the waist edges are inwardly turned, bordered by large domed headed brass lining rivets and pierced closer to the edges by pairs of holes for attaching a lining by sewing. The flange has been cut down, cutting through the original rivet holes, and drilled for sewing and the new lining rivets at the same time. One rivet, at the centre of the neck is missing. At either side of the chest is a brass mushroom headed stud for the attachment of a shoulder strap; these have square washers and leather pads inside.


Dimensions: Overall height: 44.5 cm (17.6 in), Width: 34.1 cm (13.4 in) Weight: 4lb 8oz


Places Britain