Object Title

Sword (kora)

Sword (kora)



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Found, presumably before 1980.

Physical Description

The blade is single edged and forward curved, flaring to a cusped end. The back is bordered by a double line of dashes alternating with dots, inlaid in black, and all within double incised lines with a meander. The end is bordered by two lines of punched dots within triple incised lines, and decorated with a crude eye. The hilt has a cylindrical grip decorated with two crosses in cross-hatching, and has a disc pommel and guard, the outer faces of which are bordered by bands of zig-zags and punched dots within triple incised lines. There is a low, domed pommel with a tang rivet, and a pear-shaped ferrule connecting the guard to the blade.


Dimensions: overall length: 59.8 cm (23.6 in), blade length: 45.6 cm (18.0 in) Weight: The weight of the sword is 1.5 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

None. A label is attached, inscribed 'UN eastern Swd'.


Places Nepal