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Mace (gorz)

Mace (gorz)



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Transferred from Bristol City Art Gallery and Museum, 1966.

Physical Description

The head is composed of eight flanges which are pointed at the top and have two cusps and two scallops at the base. The haft is of steel, of hexagonal section, chiselled with a chevron pattern and bands of acanthus at either end. At the top is a fluted, onion-shaped finial. The hilt is of Hindu basket form, with a waisted guard with lotus buds at the waist and an integral knuckle bow extending to the pommel, decorated with two flutes at either side and a central chiselled lotus bud. The pommel is in the form of a deep dish, containing a low dome, and fitted with a curved pommel extension. The grip is bound with cord.


Dimensions: overall length 87.5 cm (34.5 in)

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Bibliographic References

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