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Sword (shotel)

Sword (shotel)



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Purchased at auction, Christie's, 9 June 1982, lot 107.

Physical Description

The blade is broad and double edged, with a short straight section near the hilt, the remainder being sickle shaped. There are two fullers running almost the whole length of the curved section, at either side. The hilt is of waisted form, constructed from three pieces of rhino horn, and with a slightly wider pommel than guard. The pommel has a brass dome decorated with incised geometrical motifs and vegetation.

The scabbard is of hide, covered with dark green velvet, rubbed in places, the throat bound with alternate lime green and buff thongs. Twelve German silver reinforcing bands are fitted, and there is a long chape with a decorative button terminal. The fitings are decorated with beaded edges, incised interlaced scrollwork and foliage. The belt is of red leather lined with faded green velvet, attached to the scabbard with two thongs at the thoat, with decorative thongs in the form of an ankh securing the iron buckle. The end of the belt is secured by two German silver loops, decorated like the scabbard fittings.


Dimensions: overall length: 84.2 cm (33.3 in), blade length: 72.8 cm (28.8 in) Weight: sword 0.93 kg (2 lb 1 oz), belt and scabbard 0.7 kg (1 lb 8 oz)

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Packing dims: sword length 33 1/2' width 9' depth 1 3/4'. Scabbard length 30' width 11 1/8' and depth 3'.