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Acquired from Gordon Knight Antiques, June 1983. Ex de Cosson Collection - see Notes

Physical Description

Wooden handle, consisting of faceted grip, expanding towards the pommel which is of cap form, and of marginally greater diameter; tang button is burred over circular steel washer. Nearest blade, handle swells out to form two prominent lobes, pierced at their outer extremity by single steel pin and faceted at their inner juncture by an arched steel guard which is rivetted to lobes. Grip has been broken and edges of cap pommel are chipped. Heavily scratched overall.

Straight, single-edged blade of stout romboidal section, tapering to sharp point, in excavated condition.


Dimensions: Overall length: 305 mm (12 in), length of blade: 190 mm (7.5 in)


Places England


Dagger previously bore label which said 'Ex de Cosson Collection 1947 / collection David Williams' and on the other side 'RARE KIDNEY DAGGER / ENGLISH 15TH CENT'. Label is now on inventory file.
Inventory note records that 'at least four examples of this type have come into the Conservation Dept. of the Museum of London in the last five years' (date of inv. entry not given).
See also Konrad Ullman 'Doichmesser, Dolche and Kurzwehren des 15 und 16 Jahrhunderts' Waffen und Kostumkunde, 1961 pp.1-13.