Object Title

Arm knife (loi-bo)

Arm knife (loi-bo)



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From the Police Amnesty of 1988.

Physical Description

The blade is straight and double edged, with three longitudinal ridges. The wooden hilt is of waisted form, and made in one piece. The quillons are short and square, and decorated with four steel medallions and a band of dog-tooth strapwork, formed from a sheet of silver that covers the lower surface, around the edge. The grip is bound with silver wire. The pommel is bordered with dog-tooth strapwork, and the pommel top is decorated with incised bands and dog-teeth, with a tang button. The red leather scabbard is covered with plaited leather and snake skin, and is divided by two ridges into three sections. It is fitted with a plaited leather arm-loop, the ends of which are bound with 2.5 cm wide leather strip.


BladeLength146 mm
OverallLength241 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

None. When acquired. labelled 'West Mercia 86'.



It was not possible to weigh the scabbard.