Object Title

Riot shield

Riot shield



Object Number



Purchased along with III.1890-1, IV.872, and V.117

Physical Description

The aluminium shield is flat and rectangular, with rounded corners. Riveted diagonally across the shield from the lower left to the upper right is a broard aluminium reinforcing band. The arm-grip is composed of a section of aluminium tube, flattened to fit over the arm. The hand-grip is constructed of aluminium tube, curved to a low D-shape, and flattened at the top and bottom. Both grips are covered with sewn tubes of thick tan-coloured leather. The shield is painted a drab olive gloss over a brick red undercoat.


Dimensions: height 606 mm width: 484 mm Weight: 1.7 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the lower edge at the rear is 8455-99, 428-0718, broard arrow, XCH 1970. Stuck inside is a sale label marked 1056.


Places Britain


for use by the British army in Northern Ireland