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Major H. D. Barnes; Ex. Osuna Collection

Physical Description

Of early form, narrow axe-blade with convex cutting edge. Broad, apical spike the lower rear edge prolonged to form the upper edge of a rear fluke stamped on one face with a mark. Tapering socket running up into the head and with two langets extending down the modern haft. two sides of the socket are formed by the other, seperate langets and it is reinforced by a narrow steel collar.

Featured in

Hundred Years War



OverallLength2267 mm
OverallWeight2.8 kg
HeadLength457 mm
LangetsLength533 mm


Bibliographic References

Dorling Kindersley, Weapon. A visual history of arms & armour, Dorling Kindersley Ltd, London, 2006, p. 72 (col. illus., 2nd from top).


SDES originally read 'Glaive , 16th C', but checking back with the photographic and paper records this was obviously not the case, so I corrected it . BC 24.11.95.
This confusion has probably arisen because the halberd was numbered VII.149'4' (found during Leeds unpacking 1997 and now corrected). VII.1494 is, according to the typed ienventory entry (IBE), a Guisarme and one guesses that the numbers on the halberd and the Guisarme/Glaive had been swapped, and that the Guisarme was found during the Valuation team's initial computer listing bearing the number VII.1497. It is curious that VII.1497 (presumably at the time the Guisarme) was located in different places three times at the Tower before the location was entered as 'not known'. Location changes before 1997 probably, therefore, relate to the guisarme, not the halberd (PJL).