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Wooden sword (singlestick)

Wooden sword (singlestick)



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Purchased from the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Physical Description

Composed of a straight stick of round section, fitted with a heavy, V-shaped guard and pommel of wood covered in tin foil and painted green with floral patterns in gold. The pommel is secured with a pin through the top of the stick, and the inside of the guard is lined with a leather pad lined with brown velvet. The blade section is a close fitting case of leather which widens towards the end, so that a slapping noise is made when a blow is struck. Much of the end of the leather cover is missing.


Dimensions: The length of the sword is 850 mm. Weight: The weight of the sword is 0.488 kg.

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Bibliographic References

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Acquired in a group with another single-stick, XXVIS.22, and two shields, XXVIA.51-2. A similar weapon, but without the leather covering, is illustrated in 'Arts of India 1550 - 1900' published by the Victoria and Albert Museum, p.183, said to come from Lucknow c.1780.