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Spear head

Spear head



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Ex J. Wentworth Day Collection. Purchased at Watsons, Bishops Stortford, 05/10/1982, Lot 298.

Physical Description

A flattened wrought iron head emerges from the socket in a rounded 'Y' shape, the two arms turning into flattened flukes serrated on the inner edge. At the base of each arm a secondary arm has been welded, these forming a further pair of flattened flukes, this time serrated on both edges. A pair of wrought iron bands rivetted to the flukes impart rigidity to the head, the bands secured over half way down the flukes. The upper of the two bands is narrower than the lower, and both are secured by means of four iron round-headed rivets. The wrought iron socket is constructed from a lapped sheet exposing a tapering open side. Remains of the original wooden haft are lodged within the socket.


Dimensions: Overall length: 663 mm (26.15 in), length of flukes: 135 mm (5.4 in), length of socket: 268 mm (10.75 in), max. width: 173 mm (6.75 in)


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