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Dagger (khanjar)

Dagger (khanjar)



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From the Police Amnesty, 1988.

Physical Description

The blade is curved and double edged, with recessed panels at either side of a medial ridge. It is etched with crude foliage on the ricasso. The hilt is formed of bone scales, attached by three iron rivets, terminating in a three lobed pommel. The ferrule is solid, and extends over the shoulder of the blade to form a guard. The scabbard is of wood covered in leather, with a brass chape decorated with tracery and with an acorn-shaped terminal. At the throat are two transverse channels retaining a suspension loop.


Dimensions: overall length: 355 mm (14.0in), blade length: 202 mm (8.1in), scabbard length: 265 mm (10.5in) Weight: 0.3 kg (10oz)

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Places Persia


Compare a dagger in the National museum, New Delhi (G N Pant, 'ndian arms and armour,' vol. II, New Delhi, 1980, fig. 485, p. 162) with a watered steel blade inlaid with gold and an ivory hilt (SCB).