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Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Rifle

Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Rifle



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Old Tower Collection. Believed to have been captured during the Boer War

Physical Description

The action is a standard Mauser bolt with a straight bolt handle, having a non-rotating extractor. Fitted with an internal charger loaded box magazine holding five cartridges. Stocked to within 9cm of muzzle with one barrel band, underneath the barrel is a half length cleaning rod, now missing. The metal parts usually blued and polished except for the receiver, bolt and butt-plate. The barrel is rifled with four grooves and fitted with a tangent leaf backsight and an open barley corn foresight. Lower sling swivel missing, alternative fixing position on fore-end. Nose cap with standard bayonet bar. The serial number is found the left of the receiver. Carved on right side of butt: BB Stamped on the butt on the right side: IMRV 2 Stamped below the receiver, on the stock: B 2277


Dimensions: Overall length: 49.212 in (1250 mm), Barrel length: 29.921 in (760 mm), Weight: Normally 3.63 kg


Serial Number B2277


7.92 Mauser _ (7.92x57 mm)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on receiver: MOD MAUSER 1896 over LUDW. LOEWE & Co. BERLIN Stamped on bolt arm: B 1092 and crowned Gothic IStamped on magazine plate: B 2277 over 77



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