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Right mail and plate sleeve

Right mail and plate sleeve



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Purchased at auction Christies 1839 lot 107. From the Real Armeria, Madrid.

Physical Description

Formed of alternate rows of riveted mail of round section and solid flat links. Most of the riveted links have flattened overlaps, with a low crest at the outside, and are closed with riveted wedges. Some have bulbous overlaps and are closed with circular rivets. Link diameter 6.0 mm, On the outer side of the sleeve are five rows of 21, 20, 19, 17 and 15 overlapping scales with five rows of mail between each. Each scale is decorated with etched and gilt foliage patterns involving human figures and birds. The sleeve extends from elbow to knuckles and probably had a linen glove originally.


Weight: 1 lb 13 oz

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Bibliographic References

Exhibition of Spanish Royal Armour, HMSO 1960 cat. no. 20


One of a pair said to have been captured by Charles V at Tunis together with a mail and plate coat (M10) and a turban (M9) shown together in the Inventario Illuminado pl. 53, and described in the Relacion de Valladolid as unos guanteletes de launas y malla como de atauxia (gauntlets of mail and plate like Damascene work), Valencia de Don Juan and R. Beer, Bildinventar der Waffen etc, p. ccliii. This is also illustrated in the Thun'sche Skizzenbuch (f. 47) with the other pieces from Tunis. See also the gauntlet, III.792.