Object Title





Object Number

II.40 B


Probably transferred from the Palace at Greenwich about 1649

Physical Description

Formed of a main plate with three lames above front and near. The main edges of the upper lames have roped inward turns bordered by double incised lines and a row of modern brass lining rivet retaining a modern buff leather lining band, and the subsidiary edges are bordered by double incised lines. The lower main edge is scalloped and bordered by single incised lines, with a modern round headed rivet retaining a leather lining band in each scallop. The upper lames are hinged at the left and fastened by two modern sprung studs at the right, and the main plates are joined at the left by a modern brass pierced stud and nail at the left and a modern iron mushroom headed stud and keyhole slot at the right. The plates are articulated by three internal leathers at front and rear, attached to each lame by pairs of rivets. Rows of original decorative rivets follow the lines of the outermost leather rivets at either side. The exterior is bright and rubbed.


Dimensions: height: 185 mm; width: 351 mm; depth: 290 mm Weight: 1875 g

Inscriptions and Marks

The rear lames are numbered with 3, 2 and 1 dots from the top down. No numbering is visible on the front lames.