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Percussion breech-loading four-barrelled gun

Percussion breech-loading four-barrelled gun



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

THe back-action locks are unmarked except for scroll engraving on the plates and cocks. THe flat cocks have fish-head engraving on the heads. Mid-way down the breast of each cock is brazed a cock nose which strikes the nipple of each lower barrel on the dropping of the cock. These nipples are screwed into drums which are screwed into the sides of the barrels and adjusted for ajge to meet the lower noses squarely. Unless one or the other of the two nipples on a side is uncapped, both barrels would be fired simultaneously.
Half-length stock, the barrels retained by one slide. The ecutcheons for the slide, tailpipe and original ramrod are missing. Iron furniture with low quality engraving of scrolls, etc.. Chequered small only. The standing breech has a long narrow tang extending almost the full length of the small, and this is also crudely scroll engraved.
The barrels are arranged two over two, with a raised rib soldered between the upper two, and a small bead foresight scresed into the rib at the mizzle. There are German silver bands crudely inlaid across the breech, and although there are two hooks for securing the breeches, they are not patent breeches. The barrels are unmarked and bear no proofmarks


BarrelLength29.76 inches
BarrelLength756 mm
OverallLength1161 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.58 in


Places Britain


Formerly Class XXIV.392
Tags read 887, 392
This weapon is of very low quality, and if not Birmingham in origin, is probably Belgian for export to the United States or Australia.