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Sword Pommel

Sword Pommel



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Presented by F.H.Cripps-Day, 1941-1942. From the Franz Thill Collection via Captain Jack Ball.

Physical Description

Of steel it is of flattened spherical shape with a prominent button. The whole is chiselled in low relief with strapwork, foliage and grotesque masks framing on each side an oval cartouche containing a scene showing two horsemen fighting. At each end (i.e. the sides)is a caryatid while the button is encircled by four faces. The whole is pierced for a sword-tang.


Dimensions: height: 44 mm (1.7 in.), max. width: 38 mm (1.5 in.) Weight: 115 g (4 oz.)


Places Netherlands


At October 1999 this inv. number was attached to another object, now numbered IX.5474 and described on computer as 'pommel flat triangular Dutch c 1660', although it is not certain that it is a pommel. Neither the computer description just quoted nor the object itself (which appears to be of copper alloy with two silver plaques) matched the Typed Inventory description. The inventory description did, howver, fit a chiselled steel pommel which lacked a number. The painted number on the base of the stand of the chiselled steel pommel was rubbed and illegible but the letters CD (for Cripps Day) were clearly visible. Once it was apparent that the triangular 'pommel' could not be IX.735, IX.735 was the only Cripps Day pommel unaccounted for. A more detailed description on an old inventory card (in Cluude Blair's hand) confirmed that the chiselled steel pommel was IX.735 and the inventory disc was transferred to it. The traingular 'pommel was given a new number.
The previous locations field in this record before 19 October 1999 relates to IX.5474.